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Turquoise Nuggets

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Turquoise Nuggets
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Turquoise Wire Sculpted Jewelry




Turquoise is perhaps one of the oldest and best known fifth chakra stones, having garnered a great deal of  well deserved popularity in the beautiful American Indian jewelry. As a fifth chakra stone, it brings a strong element of spirit to our creative expressions  and provides a bridge between this, and other dimensions. The use of turquoise has been known to stimulate the gift of clairaudience (hearing sounds on the astral plane). If one is pure of heart & serious in their intent, turquoise will bless you by filtering out  disturbing messages from those less evolved and sometimes mischievous entities. 
On the physical plane, turquoise fortifies the throat, thyroid & parathyroid glands, thereby affecting energy and metabolism; it also has a global effect of  strengthening the organism as a whole.
This gentle friend comes to you here as a nugget, perhaps to be carried as a pocket stone.

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