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The "I Wonder" Muse

 In Greek mythology, the muses were known as the nine goddesses, daughters of the god Zeus, and of Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. They were thought to be responsible for the inspiration of the  artists, especially poets, philosophers, and musicians, each of whom became sacred to one of the  goddesses. 
 Certainly, we can all appreciate the synonym: muse, meaning to ponder, or deliberate at length. As you might know, deliberating at length often leads us down any variety of intriguing mental pathways in the altered state and into the most delightful past time known as day dreaming. 
Now I know that in our younger days, those of us who fell into the group labeled as "daydreamers" were severely criticized & often punished for our folly. I personally remember standing in the corner in school after being told that I was wasting my time and would certainly never amount to anything; or having to write 100 times: "I will not day dream in school", or some such nonsensical rot. Obviously, it did no good and I am quite proud to count myself  among such geniuses as Edison & Mozart who were also criticized for their mind wandering expeditions.
It is precisely during one of those glorious forays that I chanced upon the tenth muse also wandering upon a little known pathway of my mind. 
"Good day," she said, not at all surprised to see me. "Hello", said I, not at all expecting to find another soul in MY secluded world, "who are you?"
"I Wonder".
"You wonder who you are?" I replied, "donít you know?"
"Of course" says she. "I wonder",  the tenth muse.
Well, of course! The epiphany! Suddenly it was all so very clear: I Wonder. That part of us that somehow never looses our child-like curiosity. That part of us that remains the innocent, in awe of a raindrop or a snowflake. It is that part that is surprised, believes in Santa...that dares to dream... to feel...to risk being hurt, and yet knows it will survive, even triumph.
It is that part of us that muses: "I wonder what would happen if?"
 I wonder what would happen if someone said "have a nice day", and really meant it!
I wonder what would happen if the sky were red instead of blue, and if birds swam and fish flew!
I wonder if I look inside myself, will I find divinity, or a dark shadow?
I wonder, if I close my eyes real tight, will the world disappear? Will I be all right?
I wonder what would happen if we humans could truly love unconditionally, like a puppy or a kitten? Would society go to the dogs?
I wonder what would happen if all the clocks in the world stopped. What would it really feel like to be in the moment?
I wonder what would happen if night really fell. Who would be there to pick it up? What would happen to day?
I wonder what would happen if I truly believe that I have no limits. What excuse would I have for achieving less than miracles? Would I even need one?
I wonder what would happen if, in middle age, I realize that I didnít become my parent; I became ME!
I wonder what would happen if I pick up my marbles and go home. Would I be missed, or just alone with my pride,  a bag of marbles, and no friends?
I wonder, dear reader, what You wonder. If you would like to see your thoughts added to this article, please click on Feedback and share some of your wisdom with us. Selections will be randomly 


"I Wonder"

On 3-12 someone wrote:
"I wonder, can an aggregate of people stay around for a long time and be free from bitter internal strife?"

On 3-22 LB wrote:
"I wonder if Mother Earth's children can move from evolving through pain, misery and suffering, to evolving through love, joy and compassion."

On 3-23 GE wrote:
"I Wonder when we gonna realize, we are more than we
think about ourselves. I'm a down-to-earth person, but I wonder if in my lifetime we go to other planets, and Ray Bradbury's visions gonna come true...I wonder if we can save us from  ourselves....I Wonder"

On 5-28 T wrote:
I wonder what would happen if I said I love you in stead of thank you and goodbye...
I wonder what it feels like to be a cat
I wonder why he doesn't reply to my mail
I wonder what my friend's little baby sees when he looks at me and smiles

On 7-8 GFD wrote:
"I wonder" is the ultimate expression of self . . . it's when you take  "I wonder" and turn it into "I am!"  It's the power to take your world  and make it what you envision the world to be . . . just think what  would happen if everyone did this. 

On 5-25 XXX wrote:

I wonder how I will ever survive all this wonderment?

On 8-14 AlB wrote:

I wonder, on this anniversary of my career launch, what my life would have been like if I had followed my own dream, not that of my parents & if that really was my own dream after all?

On 9-17 someone wrote:

I wonder, how all began, how earth was created, the universe, our 
thoughts...I wonder how it would feel if time ever stops...i wonder..
On 11-20 "K" wrote:
I Wonder: if I look deep inside, and see dark shadows, will the fear 
win?  Will  I  escape?   Will I  see   divinity?

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