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by: Ewin Kolade (C) 2004

I am Ochun

My devotees call me the goddess of love, mirth and social joy.

            Yes, I am that; but I am so much more than that.

            I am the warmth in the beloved's gaze at the moment your eyes meet for the very first time. That moment of recognition when your souls reunite after millennia of separation.

I am the spark of creativity, the brush stroke creating the hues in a summer sky and in the tail of the peacock.

I am the sung note that seems to express itself from the depths of the spirit; in that place between melancholy and joy.

I am the laughter that springs forth from the soul bathed in the ecstasy of its own existence in spirit.

            I am the golden effervescence in the champagne of a life beautifully lived.

I am the essence of the erotic that confronts you unabashedly as you first feel the pangs of puberty, the innocence of the first kiss.

            Women pray to me to make them beautiful; to find them a lover.

            Men pray to me to find for them a lover who is beautiful.

            Strange, isn't it, they both want the same things.

You may find me in the river where the water moves swiftly, liltingly, dancing with a raw sensuality that mesmerizes and entices even the most stalwart and somber of souls.

I dip my finger in honey, my most sacred food and touch it softly to their pursed lips.

The warrior in them lays down the protective armour of their wounded heart and follows my undulating dance to the edge of the forest and... rejoins humanity...renewed.

I charm even the darkest of moods with my five golden bracelets, and their happy music  as they tinkle together dispersing  the clouds of sorrow and washing them away in rivers of golden reflections... and joy.

Come to the river and watch as the sunlight plays upon the surface of the water…my body.

Do you not see me there?  Can you not feel my presence calm you as you lay your burdens at my feet and watch them dissolve in my waters?

Come to the river and breathe in the fragrance of the water, of the trees, the flowers and grasses that surround me.

 Experience my perfume there even as you may experience it in the gentle scents of the golden rose and sunflower.

Hear my voice call to you in the sounds of the violin and harp, and also in the symphony of the bees as they make obeisance before their queen.

I am Ochun, Goddess of love, mirth and social joy.

Tell me now…

Who are you?

This article is lovingly dedicated to my Godparents 
Odun   & Mayordomi,

and of course..... to Ochun

Copyright © 2004 A Path to Wholeness. All rights reserved.

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