Reiki healing, training, sessions and classes
Reiki healing, training, sessions and classes










About Us

I am honored and humbled that our paths have crossed; allowing me to further your understanding of this time-honored healing method, and perhaps assist you on your path to wholeness.

Reiki, Pronounced: "Ray Key", it the spiritually guided (Rei) life force energy (Ki) which is channeled through the healer and received by the body of the recipient as gentle supportive healing energy. Please know that the recipient of Reiki is always in control of the healing experience. There is no need to disrobe-ever. You may elect to be touched or not, as you see fit for your highest good.

Reiki does not challenge nor conflict with any religious belief systems.

Reiki may be used, if desired with all other treatment modalities, and will enhance the healing experience.

Reiki does not diagnose, prescribe, nor cure. It addresses the energetic disturbance, and balances the body in a state of relaxation allowing it to access its own innate wisdom, and thus, healing occurs.

Since a question always deserves an answer, please know you are most welcome to call with any inquiries, or to schedule an appointment:
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Contact Information

Telephone: 630-205-0287 
Postal address: 905 Hillgrove Ave, suite #1
               LaGrange, Il 60525

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Reiki healing, training, sessions and classes