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Quartz Pieces

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Quartz Pieces (small) 1023 1.00 ea




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Smokey  Pendulum

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Smokey Quartz Pendulum
(pouch included n/c)
1022B 10.00ea

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Tiny Treasures

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Tiny Treasures 1030 5.25ea

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Clear Pendulum

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Clear Quartz Pendulum 1001 10.00


Quartz Wire Sculpted Jewelry



   Quartz is a fairly generic term for a group of stones being found in a variety of colors and shapes. Letís start with clear quartz, available here as laser wands (long & slender pieces), small single terminated pieces, or in the double terminated variety. Pendulums are also available in clear quartz.
    Clear quartz, in whatever form, is certainly one of the most functional stones available. It is used as an energy amplifier, transformer and director, sending the energy in the direction of the point; thus, it is quite useful in a grid formation to increase energy in a certain chakra or the organism as a whole. It can be used to enhance the connection between the physical and universal life force, energizing & creating balance in this connection as well.
    Clear quartz stimulates mental clarity and communication with the higher self, and mirrors the true essence of our soul. It is found here as laser pieces, double terminated pieces and pendulums
    Physically, clear quartz is purported to induce relaxation by slowing the brain waves, reduce fever, and diminish pain and swelling.

Smoky Quartz

    Smoky, like clear quartz is translucent, even transparent in some cases. Its effect are subtler, though just as powerful. It is a wonderful grounding stone, helping to deal more effectively with our own fear based beliefs and transform them. It enhances stamina & courage and possesses the capacity to open all the chakras, from crown to root, drawing in a stream of healing light energy. 
    In the physical body, it is thought to relieve all manner of reproductive disorders including PMS and infertility.
    Smoky quartz is available from this site as 
pendulums .

    Be sure to visit Tiny Treasures for some charming palm sized quartz clusters.

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