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    Love's Struggle...Love's Gift
© Susan A. Dallmann R.N.,R.M.T., C.H.

          From the primordial darkness, the depth  of solitude, that place where chaos tempts order; the dance of opposites, of contradictions and confirmations, my immortal soul  reaches unto yours acknowledging  your turmoil. Aware of your pain, shamefully recalling  its own vulnerability, precariously teetering between the security of childhood and the bravado of adolescence, it reaches unto you, torn between wanting to hold  you; to kiss it  and take the hurt away, and to let you stand free and admire you as you strive to make sense of it all, as yet lacking the life experience to know that sometimes there is no sense to be made.
             I reach out to you in love, but not in pity. I see you there struggling  and in pain; but you are not weak and I do not feel sorry for you.
              To do so, to pity you would place me above you, and this I will not do; rather, I will look squarely into your face and lovingly into your eyes, and thus, I will bestow upon you a gift more valuable than any other. More valuable than any tangible help I might give to you, as that wound only serve to weaken you and seduce you to depend upon me, setting the stage for regrets and recriminations in a later, inevitable moment of confrontation. 
            My gift to you is my confidence in you.
            My gift to you is my belief in your inherent strength, the belief in your inherent abilities, the belief that you will conquer all and emerge victorious, even against all odds; though sometimes they seem may insurmountable in the moment.
            My gift to you is my love for you, without condition, without judgment, freeform, rejoicing in the beauty of your uniqueness.
      This is  my legacy to bestow: a sincere and loving belief in you so that you may believe in yourself by my example. 
       May it support and sustain you until   your own experience reveals the  glorious truth of  your own personal triumphs.
       May it support and sustain you until that moment when, connecting with your heart, you feel genuine pride in your your your perfection. 

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