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Blue Kyanite

Description SKU#   Price
Blue Kyanite 1006 7.50ea

Black Kyanite

Description SKU# Price
Black Kyanite 1006 A 10.00ea


   Kyanite, the blue variety, found here as a tabular piece, is one of the 3 stones thought never to need cleaning as it does not take on negative energy. The other two are amethyst and citrine
Kyanite is truly an all-purpose bringing balance and alignment to all the chakras. Its cool blue color is beneficial to the throat chakra and upper airways, easing the path to open and gentle communication on both the physical and spiritual levels. 
Physically, blue kyanite is said to assist with thyroid and parathyroid function which implies and effect on the musculature and cardiovascular system additionally. 
Black Kyanite, in long blade crystals as pictured here, functions as a grounding stone and helps us transcend the mysteries of the void whether that means the meditative or dream state. Used in conjunction with its blue counterpart, the chakras spontaneously align, bringing an inner quiet and centering that facilitates the inner journey.

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