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I Fall In Love With.....Innocence
(c) Susan Dallmann RN,RMT, ChT

      When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This is a concept with which many of us are familiar, no doubt. We, convinced of our own readiness, wait patiently  (often not so patiently); tire, then go about our own pursuits; frequently in another direction entirely. Frustrated, we blame the universe, god, everyone else, circumstance etc., etc., etc. Who wouldn't? After all, we've worked hard at becoming consciously aware in this new age and, by God, we  ARE ready! So where's that teacher? 

     Sometimes we get so caught up in daily living, that we become immersed in the experience and unconsciously abandon the search.

      Precisely, in these odd moments, at a time when it is least expected, and sometimes even inconvenient or ill timed we let down our guard. For no apparent reason, the mist of our own ego defenses  dissolves in a vapor,  revealing the form of the "teacher".

     It was just such a time in my life when, fraught with the  fatigue of working long hours, and experiencing the frustration of less computer knowledge than I thought I should have acquired by now to complete my grand projects, that I hastily sent off an e-mail to a gentleman, informing him of the problems I was having trying to make the program he had authored work for me. (It should be known at this point, that computers still hold me in the cyber grasp of fear & intimidation.) 

     In the litany of difficulties I was experiencing, I was careful to inform him most emphatically of my level of ineptitude, lest he respond to my plea for help with some incomprehensible terms, shattering what microchip of ego strength that may still remain.

     Promptly, I received his response which in itself was refreshing in a world where "I'll get back to you," seems to be the benchmark of customer service. He explained the problem & my options in plain non-computerese for which I a most grateful.

     He then addressed my level of computer idiocy  and the bother I felt I had caused by my naive questions.

"I fall in love with innocence. It was no bother", he said.

"I fall in love with innocence". The words washed over my soul like a gentle spring rain and sent it dancing. My heart softened and lovingly caressed  the little child inside, reveling in the fact that even after more than a half century of life on this sometimes jaded earth, there was still ... innocence.

     Innocence that was discernible even to a complete stranger; discernible  without contact other than a hastily written expression of  my frustration. Was that frustration born of innocence?

    Innocence, how long have you  languished there for lack of attention? Sometimes you awaken to the sweet simplicity my grandchildren's gaze, a reliving of the precious moments previously shared with  my own beloved children while they were as innocent as you are now. When, in their eyes, I could heal the world's ills with a mere kiss, and had the answers to all of their innocent questions. 

    Innocence: drinking imaginary tea from a tiny plastic cup; happily munching crumpets as light as the air  from which they were lovingly baked. Viewing with awe and wonder, as if for the  very first time, an earthworm on the sidewalk, displaced from its home by the first spring rain; and helping your young son place it gently into the grass so that it may find itís way back home, assuring him that the little worm will be all right. 

Innocence: an unshakable belief in Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tinker Bell. A bug-eyed, mouth-gaping moment shared with a shooting star, wondering where it landed so we can go see. The next time, will we be able to catch it? Let's try! Why not?

Innocence: a dream in which you were so small that you fit into the center of a flower; each detail  of that flower now indelible in your memory. It was so real. You WERE there, weren't you? 

Innocence: the unbridled joy my dogs feel when I return home; the kind where the tail wags the body! The deep throaty purr of my cats as they as they settle on my chest completely obscuring the book I "thought" I wanted to read. I become one with the cat and feel the peace in  her soul. The silly little dance my Amazon parrot does to tell me how happy he is that I've returned. I wish I could dance like that and not care whether or not I looked good. Why can't I ?

      The innocence of a first kiss; of that first love, the one that lasts forever,
      The innocence of discovery.
      The innocence of renewal.
      The innocence of becoming... whatever it is you've decided to become, knowing in you're heart that this is who  you are...and loving yourself for it. 

       Innocence speaks to the heart, from the heart. It urges the awareness greater than intelligence. The rational mind can only define it with words like: naïve, guileless, 

Can that same rational mind experience it? I think perhaps it can, once it learns to blend with the heart, letting  the heart guide the experience; for innocence is a state of being...a state of becoming...a state of completion and then starting all over again!

       It renews; it re-creates; it challenges the very soul, inviting it to come out and play; to re-experience itself in that unencumbered state  of...innocence.

Thank you, Hector, for your gift...the memory of innocence.

I too have fallen in love with innocence!

Inspiration for this article from the kindness of:
 Hector Garcia @

Copyright © 2000 A Path to Wholeness. All rights reserved.

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