The Inescapable


       Ah yes, there are some things in this lifetime that are certain. Birth, death and taxes seem to frequently head this list though there are those who would insist that we do not actually have to pay taxes (tempting as that is, I'm not bold enough to challenge that one). Sunrise, sunset, the ebb & flow of the tides are fairly constant as well.

       Years come and years go, and when they do, many of us succumb to the dreaded New Year's Resolution. Even with a hot branding iron, I could not impress upon you the  potential for damage wrought by that long established and fairly useless ritual: the making of the New Year's Resolution.

       Let's consider the whole process, if you're game. Historically, the whole idea is said to date back to ancient Babylonia. While there is certainly merit and stability in traditions, standing the "test of time" etc. one could certainly make a compelling argument in favor of evolution, progress and living in the here & now! There aren't too many folks still plowing their fields by hand nor writing on clay tablets these days. We have evolved.

     That notwithstanding, the whole process seems a bit steeped in negativity. We take stock of ourselves, admitting gross imperfections (not a bad thing to do now & then... privately). Then we seem to be plagued by some well-meaning perfectionist who chirps "and what's your new year's resolution?", often said with that condescending tone reminiscent of a painful encounter generally rooted in our childhood. We know where this is going... right down the road of judgment & condemnation. Somehow, just because we've been asked, it is assumed the interrogator deserves an answer. Do they?

      Assuming they do, we blurt out our great flaw, the one we've puzzled over, & considered worthy of such intense remedial activity, only to receive a calculated look of disdain & the likely response of, "Oh, well mine is...". Ever notice how trivial and easily attainable their resolution seems when compared to your own? Embarrassed? Heck yes!!!

       While it is important for our personal growth and development to set and review our goals, this is best achieved on an ongoing basis, taking an honest look at our needs and abilities and making adjustments as necessary. Doing this will likely take us farther along the path to success than a yearly exercise in futility which often spawns a guilt gremlin whose vocabulary is limited to three words i.e.: shoulda, coulda, woulda !   

       I invite you to join my little band of renegades who bravely say "no" to the New Year's Resolution and soar ever upward, unencumbered, secure in the knowledge that our personal growth and success is assured by our honesty with ourselves and our ability to focus our energies where needed to attain our highest good.