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  Fire…..Healer or Destroyer ? 
© Susan A. Dallmann R.N.,R.M.T., C.H.

           Fire-a chemical reaction that releases light & heat-burning a combustible...a flame.
         What image enters your awareness at the mention of fire? An incendiary incident, chaos,  a flame gone out of control leaving desolation  sorrow and pain in its wake? 
        Perhaps an enraged fire god thrusting a bolt of lightening into a field, already parched by the intense summer heat, disallowing  any hopes of renewal or regeneration. Summer, the fire season, whose very name conjures memories of dried grasses, unquenchable thirst and blinding heat waves!
         Could it be the intensity  of a volcano, beginning its journey as a tiny rumble in the breast of the great earth mother, soaring to her surface as a fierce and formidable bearer of destruction, spewing flames and molten lava for miles around? Some say it is the anger of the gods!
 Firearms, lethal at their worst, protective at their best imposing absolute control on those whose behavior defies lesser forms of containment.
         Yet man’s ability to befriend the energy of fire has changed the course of civilization, allowing us to cook our food, to warm our homes, and become a source of light. 
        Whose soul  has not been stirred by the flickering of candles in the darkness, perhaps a catalyst to romance, perhaps an expression of religious fervor giving light to our most ardent supplications. 
          How many weary and foot sore travelers have found consolation by a single candle in a window, a symbol offering warmth and protection to those in need. Who has looked into a crackling fireplace and found peace, serenity and inspiration? 
        How many campfires have bridged the gap of boredom and isolation, giving birth to camaraderie, initiating  a legacy of stories whose fond recollections are triggered many times over at the mere thought of the campfire? 
 Whose little eyes have not opened wide in wonder at the magic of candles on a birthday cake, a jack-o-lantern, or, if you’re old enough, on a Christmas tree?
 It  is said by the ancients:as above, so below.
 Fire, capricious and unwieldy, powerful and spirited, an element of destruction or transformation dwells within each of us, making its home in the solar plexus, or third chakra where the fires of digestion (to borrow an Oriental concept) transform food into energy in all of its usable forms for growth and survival. In this chakra, lie the organs to digest (stomach), embitter (gall), or sweeten (pancreas) our experiences, both physically and emotionally. Curiously the yin expression of the water element (kidneys) also live in the third chakra; the ability to put out fire. Balance.
We experience fiery emotions, flames of passion relentlessly burning away our complacence, goading us into action, uniting us with our fellow man; the stuff of which causes are born  and injustices combated, the fire of our personal empowerment.
 In the most profound recess of our souls, the place where we can go yet no one else has been; the place within where God speaks and only we can hear. This is the depth  where the divine spark resides; the spark that beckons to us like a lighthouse to a mariner on the stormy seas, guiding him to safety. 
 It is that spark that initiates change, that pelts us with  volleys of situations in our lives that sometimes defy rational explanation; struggles, that when the lesson is learned, reward us with the "ah ha" experience...transformation.
 Transformation, both the end point and the journey, fueled by the fire of our need to grow and change, to be better than we were, to have learned our lessons in this lifetime. 
 Transformation, that trial by fire where nothing is ever the same again. Transformation, that experience of change; the emergence of a new and different form, new and different ideas, a new awareness of you. 
Transformation, a sense of freedom after having walked over the burning coals of change, unscathed and victorious. Purification by fire.
Transformation, the lesson of the legendary Phoenix, destroyed by its own fire to be recreated anew manifesting beauty and the spirit of youth.
Transformation...Fire...Destroyer or Healer...

Copyright © 2001 A Path to Wholeness. All rights reserved.

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