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Beloved friend, lover, confidante, teacher.

 You who have traveled with me through the eons of time, changing personalities each, even as we changed our garb.

        We have learned together to trust in the midst of our fears.

        We have challenged each other and stretched beyond the limits of our self-imposed boundaries.

        We have peppered our interchanges with barbs, mockery, and sarcasm which have taught us the ultimate power of forgiveness.

        We have died in each others arms, thus learning to let go, and go forward in spite of overwhelming grief.

        We have shared dreams, ideals and disappointments and learned the power of hope.

        We have made and broken promises violated confidences and deceived one another; you have taught me discernment.

        We have spoken softly and kindly to each other, thus learning the art of gentleness.

        We have spoken silently to one another and shared the ancient language of the heart.

        We have established and maintained our spaces, teaching each other a healthy sense of boundaries.


        We have violated those boundaries in order to mutually learn the value of self-respect.

        All this and much more  have we visited upon one another, lessons, journeys, roles.

        We have entered into life, sometimes in joyous anticipation; sometimes with hearts already hardened by remnants of fear and disillusionment..

        We have entered into spirit, mostly with a sense of attainment, of completion; an achievement of goals realized, in part, due to our relationship with each other.

        We have entered into spirit; on occasion, with a sense of failure, of regret at not having optimized the recently completed terrestrial experience. Yet, even then, supporting one another through the trial of self-realization.

Come... beloved friend, lover, confidante and teacher.

You who have traveled with me through time and space, through dimensions and universes.

The stage is set for us.

We enter once again.

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