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Diet: A Four Letter Word!!!

© Susan A. Dallmann R.N.,R.M.T., C.H.

As the Holiday Season draws near, there is an annual ritual that many of us observe: the Diet!!! We hope to negate months or years of dietary indiscretion in a few short weeks in order to fit into that new outfit, or to make room for the holiday turkey or ham. 

Obesity in these affluent United States is literally killing our nation. It contributes to coronary artery disease and hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, aggravates numerous orthopedic problems and destroys our self image. So as not to reinforce the negatives, weíll not dwell on them now, but rather talk a bit about how the subconscious mind can help us to overcome our barriers to success.

The subconscious creates our reality, based on the information weíve given it; and once we are within its realm, we have already bypassed the critical factors of judgment and reasoning. Therefore, the subconscious is very literal and accepts without question anything that is repeated frequently or with sufficient emotional charge, whether the statement is self imposed or comes from someone else whose opinion might make a difference.

Before I go on, let me just ask this: How many here are trying to loose weight?

When we talk about trying, it is always going to be an action in the future; therefore, never to be realized. 

Consider the concept of loosing weight. While itís true intellectually; itís a desired outcome.  But the subconscious mind is on the alert and unable to differentiate between good losses and bad losses. It says: ugh- oh. Loose! I donít want to loose anything! Defeat is a foregone conclusion. Letís use that programming and substitute something like: I am slender, fit and trim. or My weight is under control. Or  I am achieving my ideal weight.

 The very concept of diet is another self defeater. Think of it! Diet is synonymous with deprivation! Deprivation sets up a panic reaction psychologically and even physically by slowing the metabolism,(the way we burn calories) and fat storage. When we  panic, subconsciously we begin to crave. We hear ourselves saying things like; itís only a little bit.  Just a bite, or this once wonít really matter; I owe it to myself. I've been good...

 Then the guilt and self recrimination set in and we need some comfort; it was rough after all. You guessed it- we overeat! The vicious cycle starts all over again. Iíd say we fought a loosing battle.

 What help is there? There are several diet companies out there, all with the very best intentions. Again, their basic premise is  loosing, and by now, we know our subconscious wants none of that; not to mention the hassle of buying special food, meetings and weigh ins. Whereís the magic wand? I think the good fairy has it put away for safe keeping.)

 Well, in the interest of truth, there really isnít any; but there is another way: a combination of self knowledge and reprogramming the  subconscious mind. The power is within YOU.
 Letís talk about self knowledge. The reasons why we do anything are varied. Overeating might be due to poverty and deprivation in childhood for example, so we subconsciously feel the need to guard against scarcity and pack away a little extra. Some self talk might be of value here, redirecting our perception to the here and now; secure in the knowledge that we no longer suffer deprivation so that this behavior is of no use to us anymore, and thus can be changed, or even simply discarded.

Perhaps we are constructing a wall of fat to shield us from emotional interactions which can be painful or threatening. If this is our issue, we need to seriously consider whether or not this behavior is still of any value. In all probability, weíve  developed better coping mechanisms than when we first sustained the initial traumas. There is value in becoming older and wiser.

Maybe food was a reward for good behavior or accomplishment in our youth. A new restructuring of out reward system is in order.

Even an unresolved past life issue might be a causative factor, and could be explored, and effectively resolved by means of hypnosis which, I might add, may be implemented in addressing the aforementioned issues as well.

As youíve probably noted, causes are numerous, and working to bring closure to them will ultimately enhance the outcome of any program.

Another valuable tool in any weight management program is observation of our eating habits. For example, what is mealtime like? Do you eat slowly and methodically, giving time to the meal, remaining in the present, and taking time to savor the food, giving your stomach the opportunity to signal your brain when itís full? Do you bolt down your food so your brain doesnít know youíre full and you keep eating past that point?

When youíre satisfied,  do you stop eating or continue to pack it away so someone in a third world country wonít starve? Trust me, how much you eat or donít eat, wonít make a difference to them.

Do you give into guilt? Come on, just one more helping. I made this for you. What, you donít like my cooking ? The ploys are numerous and  very creative; but how about a little reverse guilt here? If you really loved me, youíd respect my decision to moderate my intake! Dirty pool yes, but something to think about.

Please also remember that the only plate cleaning you really need to do means washing the dishes when youíre done. If you absolutely cannot leave the last few morsels, give them to the birds and squirrels. Nothing goes to waste, and youíll feel like a better person basking in the warmth of the critters adoring gazes.

By now, Iím sure youíve gotten the idea of addressing the cause, and determining our eating patterns. Letís turn our attention to the business of changing our self image, developing constructive behaviors, and positive reinforcement.

Please realize that this discussion is NOT a substitute for either diagnosis, or the care of a qualified health care professional. It is intended as an adjunct.

If you are seeing a doctor for any medical condition, please continue to do so especially if you are taking any medication. As your weight changes, your medication may need to be adjusted and this should only be done under the supervision of a physician.

The following is an actual hypnotherapy script. You may record it & play it back for your own personal use. If you record & sell it, watch out! Bad Karma gonna getcha!
The more often you listen to the tape, the better your results are likely to be. Remember, this and all tapes of this nature address the most common generalities, and you may need to seek the help of a qualified professional for any specific issues you may have. 

Record from this point:

Since you will enter into a light state of trance, the best time to listen to this tape is when you can remain relaxed and undisturbed. For your safety please, please do not listen to this tape while driving or at any time when you need to be fully alert and in control.

Please close your eyes and make yourself comfortable; as comfortable as you possibly can; adjusting your position as you need to so that you can enjoy this beautiful state of relaxation to the fullest. Know that every shift in your physical position will take you more deeply and completely into that relaxed state. Allow yourself to become still and centered within as the sound of my voice guides you to the peaceful experience of your inner self.

Take a deep breath in now and slowly let it out. Take another deep cleansing breath, and this time, letting the breath out even more slowly, you will relax even more. Finally, take another deep, very deep breath in and again, very slowly let it out allowing yourself to relax to an even greater depth.

Actually focus on your breathing now. Each breath in expanding your lungs fully, and each exhalation gently ridding your perfect body of all tensions and anxieties as you enter into this very special time and place for yourself, relaxing completely and feeling good about yourself.

Focus on the sound of your breath, the peaceful and healthful sound of your breathing in and breathing out that relaxes you even more fully, and centers you. Listen to that sound and really hear it: the air entering and leaving your lungs automatically; gently calming, relaxing and reassuring you with its own natural rhythm. The stable cycle of breathing in and breathing out that has nourished you since birth and now relaxes you deeply and completely.

 Allow your breathing to become as a circle: the end of one breath flowing softly into the beginning of another. That breath flowing into the next, an so on; each one deepening your level of hypnotic rest. An unbroken pattern swirling within, swirling without and filling you with calm, peace, relaxation and resolve.

Notice that your own gentle breathing has allowed the muscles of your face and of your scalp to become smooth and relaxed. A wave of healthful relaxation has washed over them allowing those muscles to loosen and carry you even more deeply and securely into your inner world: that place inside you that constructive changes are even now beginning to happen.

Your jaw relaxes. The jaw relaxes, and tensions and anxieties have faded and vanished as you may even feel your mouth open ever so slightly. Throat open; energy flowing freely as you are now able to communicate your needs, self-assured.

You may feel your head move slightly forward as the muscles of your neck become loose and relaxed now too. Loose and so very comfortable as they release their trapped tensions, returning to their natural and healthy relaxed state transporting you closer to the feeling of complete inner calm and peace. Inner calm, inner peace and inner strength.

Going deeper and deeper into relaxation, you feel the small muscles around your eyes and your eyelids becoming slack and relaxed; so very relaxed that youíre unable to even open them. Your eyelids feel that they are glued shut. Every attempt to open them will only take you deeper and deeper into relaxation. Deeper and deeper into inner peace, inner truth. Going deeper into that special place of inner strength that is yours to access at will.

The wave of relaxation is spreading down now over your shoulders and upper arms, gently flowing into the forearms and into the wrists and hands, and even into the fingers making them loose and limp. Loose, limp and heavy as they rest in whatever comfortable position theyíre in. Much too relaxed and heavy to even move them now. Such complete relaxation feels so wonderful to your body, mind and spirit.

The wave of relaxation flows forward now and down into the chest and abdominal muscles, just like the gentle ocean waves on a warm summers day. Waves of fresh cool water cleansing and relaxing the spirit even as they cleanse and detoxify the body  and take you deeper into the peace of your own inner world. 

The arm muscles are completely relaxed and loose; calm gentle waves of relaxation spreading over the torso relaxing the front of the body; relaxing the back of the body; relaxing the sides of the body; relaxing the hip muscles and the pelvis; and spreading relaxation energy down to the legs now, releasing all the tensions. Tensions sliding down the legs; just sliding down the legs into the ankles, into the feet, down to the toes and away. Sliding away and leaving you free to float on waves of inner peace. Deeply, deeply, so very deeply relaxed.

So completely relaxed now. Calm, relaxed, serene and in control; and at peace within the stillness of yourself.

Now imagine, if you will please, your perfect consciousness occupying your perfect body. Really, really see that body: looking at it from the front; looking at it from the back, and from each side. Study that body now. What is it about that body that makes it ideal for you? Is  your  weight ideal? If not, make it so .See your perfect body at exactly the ideal weight for your age and bone structure.

What else is it about that body that makes it so appealing? Are the muscles strong and flexible? Is the abdomen flat? Are you standing straight and proud? 

In your mind, sculpt that body exactly as you would have it for your age and bone structure. I will be silent for a brief time as you remain in trance defining and sculpting that perfect body

Now that you have formulated your goal body, take a step forward and step inside. Thatís right, let your body, mind, and spirit become one with that beautiful body that you have so lovingly created. How does it feel? How does it look to you? How does it fit?. Make any adjustments that you may need to now.

As you assume the proportions of your perfect body, you realize that you now want to eat just the right amount of health giving food to sustain it in the very best condition possible. You feel good, and self assured as you select healthy, balanced foods; omitting those that no longer serve your highest good. You have developed a preference for the fresh clean tastes of fruits and vegetables; and readily increase their amounts in your food selections every day. Greasy and fat laden foods are no longer appealing to you.

You feel triumphant as you notice that it takes significantly less to sustain you; and you eat only to the point at which you feel satisfied.

 You are guilt free and feel good about yourself as you  now leave unneeded food on your plate. 

You feel proud of yourself for the health enhancing choices you now make every day.

You now notice how fresh and good water tastes as you eagerly drink much more of it, and cleanse your system of the byproducts of shedding unwanted pounds. You can feel the crystal clear energy of water flowing through your system purifying it, and helping you to feel lighter and more energetic.

As you feel lighter and more energetic, youíll notice your metabolism is increasing, and youíll want to enhance that accelerated metabolism by increasing your energy output as well. 

Youíll notice that your pattern of walking is lighter and brisk, and youíll feel motivated to increase your walking; opting to walk instead of ride whenever possible.

Since you move about so much easier now, you may feel a desire to exercise to further stimulate an increase in your metabolic rate and boost your energy level even more.

You feel very good about yourself for doing all these things that you know increase your wellness and amplify your self esteem. 

You are secure and committed to your personal growth knowing that your resolve is firm and unshakable; and that this resolve will not be influenced or undermined by anyone. You are complete. You are whole. You are perfect in every way. 

In a moment I will count to five and you will awaken feeling alert and refreshed and wonderful in every way. You may find that you will want to listen to this tape one or more times every day for continued reinforcement.

1.  Feel the energy return to your legs as you come forward into wakefulness, secure in the wellness enhancing choices you are making

2.  Energy surging into the torso and arms now, knowing that  each step is implemented with ease and success.

3.  Feeling the energy moving through your perfect body,  more alert now.

4.  Eyelids beginning to loosen now as your self assurance and resolve are carried forward into your normal waking state.

5.  Eyes open; awake, alert, refreshed; feeling wonderful in every way.   Welcome back.

For answers to any questions you may have,  or to schedule an appointment please call:

Susan Dallmann at 630-205-0287

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