Craniosacral Therapy *A Dynamic  Effective Approach to Healing*
craniosacral therapy *a dynamic  effective approach to healing*
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Craniosacral Therapy  (CST) is a  gentle hands on therapy that uses the wave-like motion of the spinal fluid to detect and facilitate the release of restrictions in the body tissues wherever they may occur.

It is the result of the groundwork of William Sutherland D.O., which was expanded into a full system of healing thanks to the genius of John Upledger D.O. CST is to the physical body what Reiki is to the energy body, the difference being that CST accesses and moves the tissues directly while Reiki primarily works with energy, but with a less immediate effect on  tissues. This is because the tissues being a more dense form of energy,  respond a little more slowly.

Spinal fluid, as it is created and pumped through the brain and spinal cord, generates a wave-like motion (pulsation),  which is felt throughout the entire body similar to the heartbeat and respiration, but more subtle.

Wherever the  wave, or flow,  is not perceived fully, signals the practitioner that there is a restriction which, if not relieved will eventually produce symptoms which may be as mild as  discomfort or as severe as crippling pain or organ dysfunction.  Once restrictions are detected, and  with just a minute amount of guidance from the practitioner, the body will attempt to restore balance. Often relief can be perceived in one session, or it may take several depending on the nature of the problem and the rate of speed at which the individual heals; this varies from person to person. 

The energetic impact of trauma, if not released from the body immediately   (or soon afterward), will remain trapped in the tissues. The cause of the trauma may range  from birth trauma, a major accident,  to unkind words heard in a moment of vulnerability. 

Since our wonderful body  will always attempt to maintain the balance and integrity of the whole, it often walls off the unwanted and embedded energy until it can do so no longer, and the cry for help begins, mostly in the form of pain or discomfort. 

In an effort to rid itself of the offending stuck  energy,  the body attempts to recreate the same, or a similar situation, hoping to find the appropriate pressure release valve. Have you ever noticed and been puzzled by the fact that some people just seem to run into things all the time, or have had several motor vehicle accidents that "always" result in whiplash, for example? This demonstrates just a couple  of ways in which the body attempts to eliminate the original "stuck" energy  & return to wholeness.

Letting go of the trapped  energy is known as a Somato (body) Emotional Release, and frequently occurs during the course of a session, but only  when the body is READY to do so.  The client should never be led in that direction; rather, the practitioner follows the  signals received  from the body , gently encouraging, but never forcing the  process. 

A Craniosacral Session is a gentle respectful hands- on approach that  helps the body, in  a relatively short period of time to release  embedded trauma and develop healthier new response patterns as well.

You will not need to disrobe, only relax and allow the process to flow to its natural & healthy conclusion with the support of a trained and empathetic  practitioner.

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