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Sahasrara, The Seventh Chakra

     At the pinnacle of our journey. Sahasrara, one knows no separation from the source. One is complete, centered and grounded, even as one traverses the higher realms, realizing that, while we may access the divine, our place is on the earth plane. We are now completely comfortable with the fact that we have chosen a physical vehicle with which to learn our lessons during this incarnation; and we are able to face that fact with maturity, having conquered the frustrations of the earlier years. Our true home is recognized, but so is the value of this, our temporal dwelling. 

        We no longer experience an inordinate longing for, nor an obsession with our spiritual life as it is now an inseparable and undeniable part of us. We are completely self assured in this respect.

       Ego dissolves, and a sense of wholeness pervades . Peace reigns in our hearts, and it is from this platform that we are able to interact with, and honor our fellow man; and fully adapt to  the realities of linear time and  containment. 

         These are some of the attributes of Sahasrara, the many-petaled lotus, located on the top of the head, opening upward toward the heavens. Sahasrara relates  to the  element of thought, and the color is perceived to be violet or white.

        This chakra is anatomically associated with  the pineal gland, right brain hemisphere and  cerebral  cortex (outer layer of the brain), right eye and  right side of face.

         When this center is open and functioning, a person is connected to the totality of the body-mind-spirit experiencing spirituality on the most intimate level of his/her being. The gifts of clairsentience  "just knowing" ,and "static" pictures resides here.   Brain function is healthy and clear, and physical energy is strong.

          In  a healthy state, we are open to spirituality, but not  necessarily a religious affiliation. One can access  higher states of consciousness while being able to function effectively in the physical world. The larger pattern is seen, a natural morality is  practiced, and there is  a  sense of selflessness in balance with realistic limits and boundaries. 

         The gemstones associated with Sahasrara are: Clear quartzFluorite, Clear Calcite, Amethyst, diamond, Herkimer diamond, Charoite, phenacite, and opal.

       I do hope you've enjoyed this overview of Sahasrara & will consider learning more about this  and the other chakras in Explore the Experiences which includes guided imageries relative to each.



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