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Ajna, The Sixth Chakra

Entering into the realm  of Ajna evokes a certain reverence as we recall a time when the seers of antiquity were revered for their oracular wisdom and sought after for their ability to guide their people based on the ability to see into the future and align themselves with the implicate universal order.

Her name is Ajna, meaning absolute, not in the sense of stasis; rather in the sense of dynamic order and integration. The colors usually associated with this chakra are purple and indigo.

The third eye center is the seat of intuition and wisdom. The gift of  clairvoyance, or clear seeing,  is found  here bringing movie-like visions to consciousness. Conscious awareness  resides here as well as a healthy metabolism from the pituitary, the master gland. Clear thought  and comprehension are functions of  a  balanced  sixth chakra.

Physically, Ajna is located in the center of the forehead just above the brow line. It relates to the pituitary (master gland), left brain hemisphere, left side of head and spinal cord.  It is related to the perception of light, both on the physical and metaphysical planes.

Manifestations  of  health   and  balance in the third eye chakra enable us to discern and respond to intuitive information, formulate ideas and initiate appropriate action causing materialization on a physical plane.

Imbalances may present as disordered thought process, irrational fears, illusions, bewilderment and confusion, delusions and faulty judgment or an inability to translate ideas into  manifest form ,and insomnia. 

Gemstones: Azurite, lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue sapphire, fluorite, sugilite, amethyst, and charoite.

I do hope you've enjoyed this overview of Ajna & will consider learning more about this  and the other chakras in Explore the Experiences which includes guided imageries relative to each.



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