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                 Manipura, The Third Chakra
After experiencing the lessons of the first and second chakras, we may continue up the chakra column to Manipura, the third chakra which is located between the navel  & sternum and it relates to the element of fire, being our internal  sun or solar plexus. Its color is yellow.
The solar plexus chakra relates energetically to the  pancreas, spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, midback, diaphragm, kidneys and it governs the sense of  sight. 
The solar plexus chakra is the seat of empowerment ie: control over oneís life, self-acceptance, and inner harmony. The beginning of psychic perception, it finds itís expression as a gut reaction. One whose energies are well integrated here experiences a healthy appetite with good physical digestion and a healthy metabolism. The individual knows a sense of comfort within the universe and a well-defined sense of right and wrong.
 This relates relates to our view of our relationship with others, hopefully admitting objectivity and acceptance into the interaction . 

 Gemstones: Amber, citrine, honey calcite,  yellow tiger eye, gold, pyrite, sunstone, unakite.
I do hope you've enjoyed this overview of Manipura & will consider learning more about her and the other chakras in Explore the Experiences which includes guided imageries relative to each.


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