Chakra Balancing and Healing
chakra balancing and healing



Rainbow Wheels of Light

                         Overview and Muladhara
The chakras have been a topic of conversation for literally centuries. Ancient healers knew of them and accessed their marvelous potential to balance the energies of the body in healing, and seers of all cultures have been privy to their spiral colored designs. The work "chakra" is Sanskrit for wheel, and no discussion of natural healing would be complete without at least a mention of this fascinating concept.

Of all the systems in the body, the least tangible and most mysterious is that of the chakras for it is invisible, except to those who possess the precious gift of 3rd eye vision. Yet, this system interfaces with and assures the good health of all the other bodily systems as you will soon learn.

The purpose of the chakras is to  transform  the higher vibrational energies into a form that is usable by the human body. Think of using a delicate piece of equipment like a laptop computer or a tape recorder, for example, without that little black box that we see connected to the power cord. The results would be disastrous because the intensity of the electrical power coming directly from the outlet would fry the insides of the device if it weren’t for the "little black box". So it is with us "frail" humans as well; a good dose of the universal life force would knock our socks off without the chakras to convert the energy.

There are many chakras in our bodies. We have them in our hands & feet as well as the bendable (flexion) surfaces of our arms, legs and fingers. The most prominent and best known ones are the seven major chakras in the midline of our bodies, parallel to the spine. Each of them is associated with a particular color, musical note, gemstone, fragrance, organ (s), psychological profile and spiritual lesson. Because of the last three, a good working knowledge of the chakras is a tremendous asset to those involved in the healing arts as a guide to understanding the possible reasons behind the energetic imbalances, and foster the empathy necessary to truly be an effective facilitator in the healing process.

It seems appropriate to mention here that in order for healing to occur, there needs to be a change in consciousness. That change may certainly be facilitated by an openness to the lessons and challenges that each of the chakras presents and incorporating their subtleties into our conscious awareness.

Please note that the information offered here is done so in a spirit of learning and understanding. It is NOT intended to be a substitute for qualified diagnosis and treatment by the healthcare practitioner of your choice should you have any condition that may need attention.

The following information is an overview and not an inexhaustible reference source for information on the chakra system. More complete descriptions are available in my publication "Explore the Experiences" which also contains a guided imagery for each chakra; but this is a beginning. My objective is to feature one or two chakras per month and, as a house needs a solid foundation, lets begin with the base chakra, Muladhara. Enjoy!

Muladhara, or "root support" located at the base of the spine. The color is vibrant red & sometimes black. It relates to the element earth and is the seat of the Kundalini, the coiled serpent which, when awakened, makes its way up the chakra column to the crown, bringing healing and enlightenment. This should be done with the utmost caution and respect for the process as the results have proven disastrous when undertaken as a lark.

Anatomical associations incorporate: the spine and everything below it including the legs and feet, colon, anus, urethra and adrenal glands. The flight or fight instinct (from the adrenal glands) is alive and functioning well here. It governs the sense of smell. The most basic issues associated with this chakra are survival and goundedness.

When we are secure in the lessons of the first chakra, we radiate a vibrancy in our physical health, a sense of belonging on the earth, and a strong identification with our immediate community /family. We are able to meet a crisis with equanimity.

We instinctually identify and honor  our basic needs and manifest all that is required for our survival and success as well as respecting the needs of others  Muladhara fosters  a sense of connection with Mother Earth and  respect for her many gifts.

Gemstones: garnet, Apache tears, black onyx, hematite, red coral, smoky quartz& petrified wood.

Revel in the energy and strength of Muladhara.


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