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A Taste of Peace

             by: Noreen Lassandrello                                                                         

Have you ever woken up

on an early winter morning

and felt the silence of the snow?

Recognized the sound of peace

drifting up against your door?


In know that everything

is made up of molecules

and atoms held together

by some mysterious super-glue,

but what does that matter


as I gaze out the window

on a fairy tale landscape

where a finely sifted coating

of glistening powdered sugar

frosts the sweet earth.


And I long to taste

the delicately formed frozen confectin

like I did as a child

on the tip of a soggy woolen mitten.


And I long to hold

the tightly packed snowball

of time, wrap my hands around it,

like something fluid,

then frozen, then melting away.


So I reach out as it sails

towards me, then past me, then disappears

and I long to be myself again

tasting a piece of the sky

on the tip of a soggy woolen mitten.


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